Is Course Hero worth paying for?

There are many online study resources available for students, so you might be wondering if Course Hero is worth paying for. Check out the reviews some of our users had to say about our site:


“I have used Course Hero in ALL my classes, which has contributed to my high GPA. I like being able to type my notes and access them online anytime. I have also utilized the app in preparation for midterms and finals.” — Manuel G. Patton, Park University, winner of the March 2019 Scholarship


“Course Hero has become an important resource with my studies. I use it to help me with homework and assignments that I find difficult. The tutors are great help as well!” — Aminah Akbar, Ashford University, winner of Course Hero’s 2018 Academic Hero Scholarship


“Course Hero was very useful to help me prepare to teach my first undergraduate course. I was not sure where to begin, but I found some useful slide decks and even examples of how to structure my tests.” — Kristen Labazzo, PhD, MBA, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Rutgers University