Can I borrow or share a Course Hero tutor account?

No, you can only use the Course Hero tutor account that is associated with your personal tutor application. As a result, you cannot lend or transfer your Course Hero tutor account to someone else and you cannot borrow or use a tutor account from someone else under any circumstances.


Please also note that only one tutor application is allowed per person and only one tutor account is allowed per person.


Failure or refusal to uphold Course Hero’s Honor Code, Academic Integrity Policy, Copyright Policy, and Terms of Use, and the best practices outlined above, at all times may result in permanent termination of your Course Hero tutor account and a permanent ban on tutoring on Course Hero in the future. Protecting the integrity of the learning process and our learning platform is of the utmost importance to Course Hero and it is taken very seriously.


If you ever have questions, concerns, or feedback connected to these policies and best practices, please feel free to reach out to us at