How do tutors receive the money they earn on Course Hero?

Tutors on Course Hero receive their earnings via PayPal.


In order for a tutor to request to withdraw their earnings, they must first add a valid PayPal account to their Course Hero tutor account. This can be done via the Tutor Earnings page. Tutors that are residents in the USA or Canada must also provide their tax information. 


Once a valid PayPal account has been added to a tutor's account, a tutor can request to withdraw their earnings using the button on their Tutor Earnings page. Tutors should double check and be certain that they have provided the correct PayPal account information and email address, as Course Hero is not in any way responsible for payments that are sent to the incorrect PayPal account.


Please note that once Course Hero has sent a tutor their earnings via PayPal, it may take up to seven business days to appear in your account depending on your location and when you request to withdraw your earnings.


If at any point you have issues with your PayPal account, you will need to contact PayPal support directly, as Course Hero cannot resolve problems or issues that occur within PayPal or after payment is sent to PayPal.


Please note that restrictions may apply when attempting to withdraw earnings, and that quality reviews, security checks, and other processes may need to be completed before earnings can be distributed.