What can I do if I receive a tutor violation I feel is unfair or confusing?

Given our tutor community is dedicated to learning and teaching, we require all tutors to uphold Course Hero’s Honor Code, Academic Integrity Policy, Copyright Policy, and Terms of Use at all times. If a tutor violates any of these policies, they will receive a warning or violation. This warning or violation will be communicated both via your Tutor Dashboard and an email to the email address that is linked to your tutor account.


It is very important to pay attention to and learn from any warning or violation you receive, as this will help ensure that your participation in Course Hero's tutor community supports the learning and teaching process. Additionally, failure or refusal to pay attention to and learn from any warning or violation may result in permanent termination of your Course Hero tutor account and a ban on tutoring on Course Hero in the future.


We also know there may be times when you feel a warning or violation is unfair or confusing, and we are happy to help with this. If you receive warning or violation that you feel is unfair or confusing, please send an email to tutor-support@coursehero.com and include all of the following information:

  • The question ID number that is connected to the warning or violation you received
  • A screenshot of the question and answer you provided
  • A detailed explanation of why you feel the warning or violation is unfair or confusing
  • Make sure the subject line of the email is Tutor Violation Appeal

Our Tutor Support Team is here to support you, and we'll review all inquires connected to warnings or violations and respond in a timely manner. However, we do not in any way guarantee that sending an email will result in a change to the warning or violation that was issued.


Ideally, a tutor never receives a warning or violation, as they follow and support all of our tutor community policies, and focus on authoring correct, helpful, and unique answers and explanations that help students learn. To support these goals, tutors can find helpful tips and best practices on authoring and answering questions below:


Basic information on answering questions:

Tips on writing a great answer and explanation:

**Please note that you must have an active tutor account and be logged in to view the links above**