If I pause my membership when will my membership be renewed?

When your Premier account is paused, it’s on hold, and you can use the remaining time of your Premier Membership at a later date. You may wait to use your account until it automatically resumes, or you can opt to manually resume at any time.

The day your subscription renews would depend on how much time is left on the Premier Membership.

For example, if your account were due to renew tomorrow, and today you paused your account for one month, then the account would be on pause for 1 month. Then, after the account was reactivated (either automatically at the end of 1 month, or if you were to manually resume your membership), you would have 1 day left before the account would renew.

*Please note: Subscriptions purchased through the Google Play Store or through Apples’ iTunes are not able to be paused or downgraded.