What are the guidelines for uploading documents?

Simply put, make sure you’re submitting materials that belong to you. To upload content to Course Hero, you must be the copyright owner or have the copyright owner’s permission. Only uploaded content that is in accordance with our Terms of Use will be eligible for earning Unlocks.

Here are some additional guidelines for submitting previous exam solutions, homework solutions, or course- and exam-specific study guides:

Course Hero is in strict compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and we take instances of plagiarism and copyright infringement seriously.

If you want to contribute previous exams or homework solutions, you should only include the questions in your materials if you are the copyright owner or if you have the copyright owner’s permission. Unless you have permission, you cannot post your professors’ slides or materials that include your professors’ questions. 

In cases where you do not own the rights to the questions, you can comply with Course Hero guidelines by 1) rewriting the questions in your own words, 2) only referencing the question number and including your own answers, or 3) redacting the questions.

If we determine that you did not have all of the rights to your submitted content or that you have otherwise breached your representations or our Terms of Use, we will not owe you any earnings for that content and we may offset any of those earnings that were previously paid against future earnings, or require you to remit that amount to us.

If you’re removed from our platform because you’ve breached your representations or our Terms of Use, you forfeit all earnings not yet paid to you. If, after we have terminated your account, you open a new account without our expressed permission, we will not owe you any earnings through the new account.

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