How do I create flashcards to share with my students?

The best way to share with your students is to create a group and invite them to join. Members within a flashcards group can both view and study a set, and, as the leader, you can choose whether or not members can edit flashcards.

Once you've created flashcards, you’ll be able to share with any group you've created or are a member of by selecting the group from the list in the left-hand column. 

You can also create flashcards and share them with your students individually via email or social networks by using the share bar in the left-hand column. 

You can learn more about using flashcards as a teacher here.

With the Course Hero mobile app, your students can also take flashcards on the go and study anywhere for free on any iOS and Android mobile device. 

To learn more and see a list of additional Course Hero flashcard-friendly apps (for iOS, Android, and more), click here