What is my legal relationship to Course Hero if I create a tutor account?

By creating a tutor account on Course Hero and submitting a tutor application to Course Hero, you agree to work as an independent freelancer, and you agree that there is no employer and employee relationship between you and Course Hero. This means you will only accumulate earnings by answering questions on our platform. It also means you have the flexibility to answer questions if you want and whenever you want. You are not required to tutor for a certain amount of time or answer a minimum number of questions


Please note that as a tutor on Course Hero failure or refusal to uphold Course Hero’s Honor CodeAcademic Integrity PolicyCopyright Policy, and Terms of Use at all times may result in permanent termination of your Course Hero tutor account and a permanent ban on tutoring on Course Hero in the future. Protecting the integrity of the learning process and our learning platform is of the utmost importance to Course Hero and it is taken very seriously.


If you ever have questions, concerns, or feedback connected to these policies and best practices, please feel free to reach out to us at tutor-support@coursehero.com